Spreading Hope & Awareness and
Removing the Epidemic Stigma.

We are The SHARE Project and are here for you and others like you! We have walked miles in your shoes, are fighting your same battles, and have cried your same tears. We have learned that power comes in unity, and strength in numbers, and together we can make a difference! We are working to strip the shame and stigma from the drug epidemic, so ordinary people caught up in this extraordinary crisis have a safe place to land. 

We want you to know that WE UNDERSTAND and YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

We know this is a journey that no one wants to be on, and most definitely never alone. Let us share our support, let us share our strength, and let us share our love. 

Welcome to The SHARE Project.

295 lives each day are lost due to drug overdose.
These are just a few of those faces.

Our Vision

To Be A Source of Awareness and Support for Families and Loved Ones Affected by the Drug Crisis.

Our Mission

We envision a world where addiction is de-stigmatized and better understood as a disease and where family members and loved ones of those afflicted by addiction never feel like they have to suffer alone or in silence.

*Do you have a family member, friend or loved one struggling with addiction (Substance Use Disorder)?

*Have you or someone close to you lost a child or loved one to the drug crisis?

*Are you searching for hope and understanding? Need a shoulder to cry on?

*Would you benefit from peer-generated fellowship, outreach and support?