A Mother’s Pledge

A Mother’s Pledge

A Mother’s Pledge

God picked me to be your mom

And although you’re gone, my job is not done

I will always work hard to make you proud

When you look down from above the clouds

I will try to be stronger, laugh louder, even sing

For you, my angel with God-given wings

I will never let your sweet memory die

Even though in this world, we had to say goodbye

Your last words to me were “I love you, goodnight”

And that’s the night you lost your fight

Sometimes I get angry and just want to know why

Because you battled so hard – you prayed and you tried

When I think of your love and how you helped others

I couldn’t be more proud that I am your mother

So I will share your memories and I will tell your story

Because if it helps just one, WOW! What Glory!!

You wanted everyone free from the grips of addiction

I will champion your cause to disarm this affliction

I will work hard and with passion, determination and love

Because I know you’ll be leading the way from above

You will be my strength when I am tired and weak

You will be the words when I struggle to speak

I know you’ll be with me as I fight this tough fight

You’ll forever and always be my bright guiding light

One day at a time, that’s what we learned

One step at a time is how victory is earned

So, with you by my side and holding my heart

Today is the day that my battle starts

I will do what I can to bring awareness and teach

I will help spread the word to every person I reach

I will help end the stigma so others may learn

This demon lurks around every corner they turn

Addiction is real and can touch anyone

No matter who you are or where you come from

No one chooses this horrific disease

It attacks with no mercy and its grip won’t release

But this mother promises all my remaining tomorrows
To help prevent another mom’s sorrow

I will pray for guidance, wisdom and knowledge

For you and all others, this is my pledge

By Michele Rogers (December 2019)


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