These shoes will keep on walking

These shoes will keep on walking

Each day passes as another before with heartache and pain like it’s a reward.

No matter where I go or who I see there’s this reflection looking back at me.

It speaks harsh words loud and clear I’m never going to live without this fear.

People pass by me and I can see through their eyes.

Numbness, coldness and Ice.

This man is a waste and why should they care because I’m such a stare.

There’s nights I lay under the stars pretending my breath is heaven;

Gazing through afar wonder as I can see the stars;

Am I part of his big plan?

I pray and ask God to hear my prayer and sometimes I wonder do you care?

I know this life isn’t what you hoped because this life so hard to cope.

I know I will wake again tomorrow only to have this day borrowed.

I don’t know Lord if I can make it tomorrow.

My heart and soul cry out to you with hopes I’ll have one more chance.

A chance to love, be loved, and true.  I’ll give it all to you.

Until then “These Shoes will keep on walking”

Written by:
Lorelei Garnes


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